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The Loud House: The Polar Express
*The scene starts with the usual intro of the Loud House, but when it was still playing, the music  started to change, with the original Loud House theme fading off. Words appeared that said "Nickelodeon proudly presents..." then it showed "In association with Robert Zemeckis and Chris Savino..." and then the final words saying "The Loud House (in the show's logo) in..." Then, in three gold letters, there were words that said "The Polar Express"*
*It was nearly 8 PM in Royal Woods, Michigan. The year 2017 is coming to an end. And The Loud House was Loud, as always. It was Christmas eve and the Louds were all getting ready for Christmas*
Narrator: Not many days ago, on Christmas Eve of 2017, I was just sitting on the couch as my 10 siblings did what they would normally do. They are all believers in Santa, you see? Even my parents are. And since 2016, I had my doubts on the big man up North. But that all changed on that one Christmas night...
Lori: I can't wait for Christmas!!!
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SML's Loud House: The Ouija Board!
Junior: Okay, guys. Are you ready for some Trouble?
Joseph: Sure dude.
Cody: I guess.
*Lincoln walks into the room*
Lincoln: Hey guys!
Junior: Hey!
Joseph: What's up?
Cody: Hello.
Lincoln: What are you guys doing?
Junior: We're about to play this board game called "Trouble".
Lincoln: Oh, can I play
Cody: Unfortunately, we already have four players: Me, Junior, Joseph and Ken.
Joseph: Cody, Ken is a doll!
Cody: He is not!
Lincoln: Oh, well, can I at least watch?
Junior: Sure.
Lincoln: Okay then.
Junior: Alright, Cody, you brought the game over so how do we play it?
Cody: Oh, well, the box says: "Bump others back in this race ahead game, but don't get caught or you're in trouble!" 'Cause that's the nam- that's the name of the game.
Lincoln: Okay...
Joseph: So what do we do?
Junior: So how do we play it? Explain, Cody.
Cody: Oh, well there's, okay, well there's like this- this dice thing right here.
Junior: Uh huh.
Cody: You push down on it and it rolls the dice.
Joseph: I don't get it.
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SuperMarioLogan's Retarded House Episode 3
*As we left off from previously, The movers, Brooklyn guy, Lynn Sr and Jr helped carry the arcade game in and placed it next to the TV*
Brooklyn Guy: There we go.
Lana: That thing looks huge!
Lynn Sr. : Yep, sure is. Now let's get it plugged in. *They plug the arcade in and the game started up*
Luna: This is gonna be awesome!
Junior: Can I try it first?
Lynn: But I wanted to try it!
Lana: I wanna go first!
Lynn Sr.: Guys, guys. Calm down. I'll go first to show you guys what it's like.
Everyone: Okay. *As the game started up, the words Naomi and Sega first appeared*
Leni: Why did those words appear?
Lisa: They were the companies that produced and created the game.
Leni: Oh.
*The promo of the game then started up with is opening on a highway*
Announcer: They criss cross the American continent towing 30 tons and more at a time behind them.
Lincoln: Wow!
Shrek: Okay, while this is happening, I'm a gonna get some cheesecake.
Mario: Does anybody know where any spaghetti is?
Woody: After this
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SuperMarioLogan's Retarded House: Episode 2
mario: *laying on the couch that he loves leni*
luigi: Uh mario?
Mario: What Luigi?
luigi: don't you think we should go back? cause i think peach is getting more angry and she wants to kill us.
mario: Nah. Tell Peach to go to hell cause i'm in love with leni.
SMG4: Let's just be glad Peach wasn't around to hear that...
*in SMG4's world*
wario: Okay, waluigi. let's take everything from the mushroo- *hears a dark growl from Peach* kingdom?
Waluigi: Oh fuck...
wario: *dressed as mario* i'ma mario i'm fat and love spaghetti. 030
waluigi: he's mario. for real.
wario: ya hoo.
Wario: I'm skinny?
waluigi: well i'm skinny.
peach: WHERE'S MARIO?!?!?!?!?!?! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wario and waluigi: *shrugs* i don't know. =)
Peach: AAAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!*goes around and searches for Mario*
Waluigi: Well, now what do we do?
wario: stop peach from finding mario?
waluigi: Eh, okay.
*at the streets*
shy guy:
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SuperMarioLogan's Retarded House: Episode 1
Lincoln: *reading a comic* *Sigh* It's not much of a bother to read comics, but it does get repetitive at times. I guess I'll go on YouTube and see what's on there. *walks to his computer and typing something*
Luna: Hey Lincoln, what are ya doing?
Lincoln: Eh, just watching some videos. And look, there's SuperMarioLogan. That's our favorite YouTuber, but who is SMG4?
Luna: I don't know, why don't we watch a video from him?
Lincoln: Sure. *They put up Retarded64: Mario's Road Trip 2*looks nice.
*at SMG4's universe*
Mario: Finally, we are away from Peach. It's just me, Toad, and Luigi. Oh and you SMG4.
Luigi: Is Peach going to forgive us?
ario: Nope.
SMG4: All because you've been trashing her place with your stupid lunch!
Mario: Nope, it was my leftovers.
Luigi: Can we have a safe trip please?
SMG4: NO!!!
Toad: let's just listen to the radio. *puts on the radio*
*Gibberish yelling, which makes everyone, except Toad, burst into flames*
Mario: NOT T
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